Dysfunctional Programming A Blog & Portfolio for Kevin Romano

An Introduction

My name is Kevin. I’m a self-taught programmer, but it was a long road to get here.

I’ve had quite a variety of jobs. Bartender, construction helper, I worked offshore for a little while as an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) helper, and I installed cable for DirecTV. My longest stint was as a CNC machinist, wherein we’d take a chunk of metal and turn it into something useful. I picked up on the programming aspect of it extremely quickly.

During my time as a machinist, I taught myself some other programming languages. I tried some PHP, dove into Python, and eventually found myself swimming in Javascript. Three years later and I enjoy working with JS more than ever. I’ve done tons of work with Angular. I’m playing with React and Redux in my free time (I can’t wait to talk more about my side projects). I always have some sort of Node server running. And I have a lot of fun playing with emerging technologies in the Javascript ecosystem, such as Elm and Clojurescript. I understand that Javascript has its pain points, but compared to G-code it’s a luxury cruise.

I’m glad I had a bit of an unconventional journey to becoming a programmer, and hopefully I can help guide others on that journey as well.